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In stores everywhere, available now. It makes a great… Uh… I’m not sure what holiday is next… But Monster Hunter Nemesis is a great gift for that holiday.

The Social Justice Warrior Racist Reading Challenge, A Fisking.

I’ve got work to do. I’ve got to finish the rough draft of a novel for a gaming IP by the end of February, and then I’ve got two short stories due the first part of March, but Monday morning I see this nonsense. How could I not take a minute to fisk it?

As usual, the original is italics and my comments are in bold.

I Challenge You To Stop Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors For One Year

Bold headline. Short answer? No.

I thought: what if I only read stories by a certain type of author?

On purpose? Then you’d probably be a racist.

K. Tempest Bradford

Pick any whackadoo Social Justice Warrior controversy in sci-fi/fantasy publishing over the last few years and you’ll find K. Tempest Bradford in the middle of it.  She is perpetually outraged that someone may be out there, right now, having fun wrong.

Let’s start by analyzing this picture of Tempest giving America a good scolding.

Finger Shaking Scold

Now, you might be wondering why Neil Gaiman is the designated bad guy this time. By all accounts, Gaiman is a brilliant, entertaining, extremely successful author, who also has a reputation of being a very nice guy to his gigantic fan base. Not only that, but I believe politically he is on the left, so you’d think he would be at least marginally more sympathetic to the various SJW causes.

But he’s Tempest’s Evil White Cismale Oppresor because of this other recent bit of SJW nonsense by Hugo winning feminist Kameron Hurley.

Sadly, I don’t have time to fisk the one I’m fisking, let alone fisk the background fiskings, but that Hurley article is very fiskable. My favorite part is where a SJW laments how awful it might be to have other creators attack you in social media… Yes… I can’t possibly imagine what that would be like.

Basically, Gaiman wrote a book called Trigger Warnings, which triggered SJWs. Now, Gaiman has offended these people before by saying that maybe they shouldn’t be so quick to form angry lynch mobs against innocent people, like when they attacked and slandered his friend comedian Jonathan Ross into resigning from being the Hugo MC because he *might* hypothetically, in the future, tell a fat joke.

For those of you just joining us, not I’m not making that up. SJWs are really that paranoid and vindictive.  

But anyways, because he stood up against witch hunts, and was in favor of telling the truth about someone rather than the narrative, Gaiman equals Satan-Hitler.

But the ironic thing about that picture? Tempest is wearing a Dr. Who shirt. A TV show about a white man and his white female sidekick, created by some white men, with episodes written by… Neil Gaiman.


Back in 2012 I faced a conundrum. I write short fiction, and I wanted to get better at writing it. To do that I had to write, write, and write some more.

I actually agree with that. The more you write, the better you get.

But just as important was reading, reading, and reading a lot more.

Also true. Authors need to read in order to become better writers. Exposure to other styles will help you improve your own.

Reasonable so far, but don’t worry, she’s about to go off the rails into racist crazy town.

And I tried. But every time I thought about delving into one of the many science fiction and fantasy magazines at my disposal, or even reading compilations of the “best” stories that had been nominated for and/or won awards, my brain resisted.

Her brain resisted? But, remember, it is my side that is supposed to be small minded.

Also, I want you to think about what kind of stories have been nominated for and/or won awards in recent decades. Plus, I’d invite any of you to go check out some of the various years best compilation anthologies. Go through them with a critical eye and see how they skew politically.

Because every time I tried to get through a magazine, I would come across stories that I didn’t enjoy or that I actively hated or that offended me so much I ragequit the issue.

She RAGEQUIT? (anybody who ever played Call of Duty knows that word is spelled all caps).

Now normally people, when investing their valuable free time into something, when they find that item isn’t to their taste, stop, and simply switch to something else they think they’ll like better. There is after all, a whole lot of things to choose from competing for your entertainment dollar.

But not Tempest. She is powered by RAGE. I bet she RAGEQUITS lots of things.

Go through enough of that and you start to resist the idea of reading at all.

Uh huh… It must suck to be confronted by such dangerous badthink that it would cause a professional writer to give up reading. That would be kind of like an artist saying she was so offended by someone’s painting that she wanted to pluck her eyes out. Or in other words, complete bullshit.

But hang a minute… She doesn’t name any names, but If you look at award winning/nominated short fiction, and Best Of compilations of short stories, you’ll find tons of them that already cater to Tempest’s world view, and yet she still RAGEQUIT. What was she reading exactly? FIRE HOSES & ATTACK DOGS. Bull Conner Presents the Best Fiction of 1965?

Then I thought: what if I only read stories by a certain type of author? Instead of reading everything, I would only look at stories by women or people of color or LGBT writers. Essentially: no straight, cis, white males.

I suppose that would make sense, if you’re a huge bigot blinded by irrational hatred.

Cutting that one demographic out of my reading list greatly improved my enjoyment of reading short stories.

Now just flip that “that one demographic” to Jews and see how much that sounds like a skin head.

That’s not to say I didn’t come across bad stories or offensive stuff in stories or other things that turned me off. I did. But I came across this stuff far less than previously.

So, Gay and Lesbian People of Color, you still offend Tempest, but not enough to cause RAGEQUIT. Don’t worry. Once all the White Cismales are gone, you will be reeducated so that there is no danger of you having fun in an unapproved manner and causing microaggressions.

Limiting myself in this way also made me aware of how often certain magazines published whole issues in which no women or POC authors made an appearance.

Fun Fact: Did you know that when you submit a story to an editor, there is no place on your query letter to tell them about your Race/Sex/Orientation?

And pretty soon I didn’t even bother looking at those magazines when I went on my monthly search. When I ran out of known-to-me magazines, I went on the hunt and discovered several that published new-to-me writers and also a surprising number of magazines dedicated to underheard voices.

The key here is the known-to-me and surprising bits. Most Social Justice Warriors aren’t well read. They like to pretend they are, but when you start talking about what is actually out there to choose from, they are shockingly ignorant. But what do you expect from people who RAGEQUIT when exposed to offensive opinions? This is why when you see them attacking other authors’ works, it is almost always stuff gleaned from the Wiki summary or something completely fabricated.  

I ended that year with a new understanding of what kind of fiction I enjoy most, what kind of writers are likely to write it, and how different the speculative fiction landscape looks when you adjust the parallax.

People like different things. That’s fine. Everyone is going to gravitate toward whatever kinds of work pleases them the most. Some of us like action, exploration, or drama. Others like character driven works, or big questions, or even strong message fiction. Tempest hates white men. So, whatever works.

This past week Sunili Govinnage wrote in The Guardian about her experience reading only novels by writers of color for a year. It’s a challenge she set herself at the end of 2013 inspired by a similar project by Lilit Marcus who read only books by women for a year.

Now, most of us read whatever books sound the most interesting to us, and truly don’t give a shit what skin tone the author is, or who the author likes to have sex with. But then again, we don’t write for the Guardian.

Just like opening up space for more stories from women,

No anthology editor anybody who has ever heard of is trying to keep women out of anthologies. This is one of those things SJWs like to toss out, figuring people will accept it as truth.

Recently I was speaking with an editor who put together a charity anthology. The sales of this anthology went to pay for another author’s medical emergency. The authors who contributed stories to it were not paid. They were volunteers. Because time was of the essence, the editor put out a rushed call for submissions and said he would run with whatever he got by a certain date. Many authors volunteered stories (again, without pay!) and the editor went to press in a hurry (again, medical emergency!), only not a single female author volunteered a story. So of course, when this anthology came out the editor was attacked by SJWs as misogynist woman hater trying to keep female voices out of fiction.

there needs to be a conscious effort to support multicultural voices and fight the assumptions surrounding what the mainstream market supposedly wants.

I like the “supposedly” there. Stupid markets. With their freedom and choices. What the mainstream market really needs is to have people like Tempest Bradford scold them for having fun wrong.

The mainstream market wants to enjoy itself. It doesn’t like to be yelled at. It gets annoyed when you call it racist. Since most books don’t even have back cover photos anymore, the mainstream market probably doesn’t know what color the author is. The mainstream market has zero clue what culture the author grew up in, and if that information is available at all, the mainstream market probably doesn’t give a shit.

The mainstream market buys books based on the following criteria:

  1. This cover looks cool. I will pick it up/click on it.
  2. The back cover blurb/description interests me.
  3. It has good reviews/word of mouth.
  4. I will purchase it with my money.
  5. If I liked it, I may purchase other books from this author.

Govinnage is a writer of color herself,

Writer of Color is a stupid term. I hate the term People of Color. It is just Colored People backwards.

yet she still learned a few things from the experience, including “just how white [her] reading world was.” Even when you’re coming from the viewpoint of a marginalized identity, the privileged view is everywhere and pervasive. It’s easy to buy into it without really knowing that you are.

Privilege huh? From what I’ve heard about Tempest, she grew up in a rich family. Luckily one of my readers copy and pasted some stuff from her bio into the comments. She attended NYU—which I believe is the most expensive undergraduate program in America—to study opera. She then dropped out to attend the “Gallatin School for Individualized Study” where “There we had no “majors”, only “concentrations”. My concentrations were in performance, writing, the history of mythology, interstitial art (though we didn’t call it that, then), and the collective unconscious”

But wait, there’s more about what it means to live such a life of marginalized hardship:  “After leaving college and realizing that the life of a corporate drone is horrendous, I decided to throw it all away so I could attend Clarion West in 2003. I left my job, left New York, and left any notion that I’d be leading a normal life in the dust. After Clarion West I wandered around the country for a few years visiting friends, writing, and discovering that all one needs to survive in life is confidence, charm, and many well-off friends. In 2006 I returned to New York City and took up freelancing to support myself.”

I know when I think of marginalized lives, I think of mooching off your rich friends while playing tourist.  

I only say that because I grew up with all that fancy Portuguese Dairy Farmer Privilege, where I got to have an alcoholic mother and a functionally illiterate father (who is way darker skinned than Tempest), where I got to spend my formative years knee deep in cow shit at 3:00 AM, so that I could later work my way through Utah State (only after getting a scholarship for my freshmen year because I knew a whole lot about cows), to then spend my adult life working corporate drone jobs of increasing difficulty and skill requirements, all while writing on the side while I supported my family, until I could make it as a professional author.  

Lecture us more about privilege, Tempest. It’s fascinating.  

It doesn’t help that most high-profile venues that exist to alert readers to new books and their worthiness are skewed heavily toward privileged voices.

Who? Publishers Weekly? Locus? Io9? GoodReads?

No, seriously. Name some high-profile venue names here, Tempest. Or is this the Bull Conner Upcoming Books of 1965 Alert List? Because I didn’t sign up for that one either.

The funny part is when Chaos Horizon did an unbiased breakdown of the pro review sites comparing my last release to Scalzi’s novel coming out around the same time, despite our selling about the same, all of the pro places reviewed him, and none of them talked about me.  So if there’s a bias there, it sure as hell isn’t in the way Tempest is thinking. (But to be fair, Scalzi may be a SJW, but he is super white and has professed to living life on the easiest difficulty setting.)

A few years ago some best-selling women writers pointed out that the New York Times reviewed significantly more books by men than by women.

Which is funny, since the New York Times is so super right wing. Oh, wait…

The problem is not limited to the Times. Nor limited to just men vs women. If the majority of books being held up and pronounced Good and Worthy are by white, straight, cis men, it’s easy to slip into thinking that most good and worthy books are by authors that fit that description.

You know, in all the time I’ve been doing this and fighting with these people, I can’t find a single mainstream example of anybody of note holding up a book and declaring it good and worthy because it was written by a white heterosexual male. Normally, when regular people declare a book good, it is because they thought the book was good.

I have however seen hundreds of examples of Tempest’s side holding up a book as being good and worthy because of the author’s racial/sexual identity.

Most of us judge books on their content, not the color of their author’s skin.

And, of course, that’s bull.

Nope. And as we’ve already established, because of my Portuguese Dairy Farmer Privilege, I know more about bulls than Tempest does.

“Slowly but surely, the world is noticing that ‘meritocracy’ in the arts and entertainment industries is as fictitious as Westeros,” Govinnage says.

You can declare merit a myth all you want. You can do the same thing about gravity. Doesn’t change reality. Falling off a roof still hurts, and you’re more likely to make a living as a writer if you entertain people.  At the end of the day, regardless of their genetic makeup, Neil Gaiman has more talent in his pinky finger than Tempest Bradford has in her whole body.

The fact they used Westeros as an example of fictitious is illuminating, because it was created by a straight white cismale, but everybody knows who George R.R. Martin is and has heard of his work, because it is popular, and people like it.   

The “Reading Only X Writers For A Year” a challenge is one every person who loves to read (and who loves to write) should take.

No. We shouldn’t. Because we’re not boring racists.

You could, like Lilit Marcus, read only books by women or, like Sunili Govinnage, read only books by people of color.

How do you guys even know? For example, it wasn’t until last year I learned that Steve Barnes is black. I first read his stuff in high school. When you see an interesting book, do you rush off to Google to make sure the author is racially acceptable?

Or you could choose a different axis to focus on: books by trans men and women,

Is there like a special search box to check for this on Amazon that I don’t know about?

books by people from outside the US or in translation,

I’m a Akira Kurosawa junkie, doesn’t mean I’d want to only watch his movies for a whole year.

Side note, do you think it would pain Tempest to know how much money I’m making off of foreign translations? 🙂

books by people with disabilities.

Or how about we read books because they look interesting/entertaining, rather than because the author checks some arbitrary box on an EEOC form? It wasn’t until I saw a Facebook thread this morning that I found out two writers I’ve known online for years are disabled and one is in a wheelchair.

Because who gives a shit?

After a year of that, the next challenge would be to seek out books about or with characters that represent a marginalized identity or experience by any author.

No. They don’t have to do anything. We’re entertainers. Our job is to entertain the readers. Tempest is getting this backwards. The writer works for the readers. Not the other way around.

In addition to the identities listed above, I suggest: non-Christian religions or faiths,

Again, how do you know? I’ve plugged books by everybody from Atheists to Asatru, and I only know their religion because of conversations in real life.

working class or poor,

Kiss my ass. This one in particular really pisses me off. Working class or poor describes most writers.  

and asexual (as a start).

No shit. For a year? Only books by asexual authors. How few books do you read?

Whichever focus you choose,

I choose the “this book looks interesting” focus myself.

it will change the way you read and the way you go about picking things to read.

That’s certainly an understatement.

When I settle in to read a magazine now, I read in order of stories I think I’ll like best. And if I do decide to read one by a new to me author who appears to be a straight, white, cis male, it’s usually because I trust the editor and the magazine.

Read that sentence again and mull over how incredibly racist and sexist that is.

Feel free to change it around. Change it to Black or Jew, but it’ll be okay if she sees a Jewish sounding name or a Black sounding name, because she trusts these editors, and they’ll probably be one of the good ones.

My reading sessions are filled with much less stress these days.

What a vapid, useless screed.

This whole thing really bugs me. Why would you limit your exposure to books and ideas based on such asinine, superficial things?

Louis L’Amour saved my life. He taught me to love reading. I didn’t care that he was whiter than I was, or that we were from different cultures, religions, and backgrounds. Nobody engrossed in a story gives a shit about that. I was expanding my mind, not artificially limiting it.

From there I went on to read whatever I could get my hands on, and I’m sure most of those books were written by old white guys, because at the time most writers were white guys. As demographics change and there were more writers who weren’t old white guys, I read more books by people who weren’t old white guys, and again, didn’t give a shit.

The super evil mass market consumer doesn’t finish a book and say to themselves “This was an excellent read. I’d go tell my friends, but I suspect this author has slightly more/less melanin than I do, or might possibly come from a different socio-economic strata so I’d better throw it away.” That’s the kind of nonsense SJWs fret about.   

Do you want to know the best way to get more people from diverse groups to be writers? Get them to be readers. Readers become writers. Populations with more readers will produce more writers. Some of us are compulsive story tellers, and get them immersed in the medium, and they’ll want to tell stories of their own in that medium.

How do you get people to become readers? Introduce them to books you think they will enjoy. The sexual/racial identity of the author is irrelevant to enjoyment (unless you’re a flaming bigot, because it will make you RAGEQUIT). People tend to keep doing stuff they enjoy.

How do you know what books people will enjoy? That’s the trick. Everybody is different. Everyone has differing tastes. That’s why you introduce them to a wide variety of books. I’m talking real diversity, not the skin-deep superficial diversity SJWs glom onto, but real diversity of thoughts, ideas, and imagination.

SJWs love diversity as long as everybody is diverse in an approved manner. My side welcomes everybody and thrives on competition, whether it is art or ideas, the more the better. I want more people from every possible group writing books. Because the more books that are created, the better the odds that there will be something truly brilliant.

Come to think of it, I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that Tempest’s motivations aren’t exactly purely on behalf of social justice, but rather in the naïve hopes that if fewer people read Neil Gaiman or other white heterosexual males, they’ll buy her stuff instead. That’s one problem with statists. They think the pie is finite. If George Martin gets another dollar, they feel like that dollar was stolen from them.

Sadly, they know as much about economics as they do about literature.

To counter Tempest’s racist challenge to only read books based not upon their content, but upon the color of their author’s skin, I offer a different kind of challenge.

I challenge you to read books based upon what you think sounds awesome, and never give into the finger shaking scolds.   

Epic Mysteries Kickstarter! Bigfoots, man!

Check it out, monster shows. I love monster shows! I love them more when I’m participating in them. 🙂

Sad Puppy Update: Book Bomb for the short fiction this Wednesday.

Mark your calenders. We will be Book Bombing the short fiction categories this Wednesday.

The Novella Category Bomb was a huge success. Thousands of copies were moved. A week later and they’re still on their respective genres bestseller lists. So basically we made sure that these will be the most widely read items in their category.

Now we’re going to do the same thing for the short stories and novelettes. Sad Puppies is all about getting people to nominate based on what they like, as opposed to what they are supposed to like.

On that note, yes. I’ve seen the latest K. Tempest Bradford article, challenging people not to read any books by heterosexual white males for a year. I’ll do a blog post about that asinine SJW bullshit if I get a chance, but I’ve got a paying deadline looming. However there is nothing quite like being lectured by someone who grew up with millionaire parents, from a rich neighborhood in Manhattan, who attended one of the most expensive universities in America, about “Privilege”. (plus, the irony of her attacking Neil Gaiman while wearing a Dr. Who shirt is pretty hilarious).

If I don’t get a chance to write about that, just be aware that she’s just another angry SJW, mad at all you people for having fun wrong. Sad Puppies is all about you guys enjoying what you want, regardless of the finger shaking scolds.

So, mark your calenders, Book Bomb this Wednesday. Where you can check out some of the awesome short fiction we’re suggesting on our Sad Puppies slate… Oh, and I think some of the authors aren’t horrible white “cismales”, and thus K. Tempest approved, but I since I don’t give a shit I haven’t bothered to check.

Another Czech cover. Seriously, I love these.


My other Czech covers are here:

Book Bomb Success! Behold the Power of Sad Puppies.

Yesterday’s Book Bomb was a great success:

Our goal was to get some of our Sad Puppies slate out in front of as many readers as possible. I figure most people are familiar with our suggested novels already, so I’d concentrate on the shorter works, which are a much more difficult market to reach a large audience with, and way harder to bump up very high on the overall list. We started with the novella category, and if you’re an author with a novella, you know how rare it is to get novellas ranked up there.

Plus, Amazon tweaked its rating system methodology again so that they didn’t start updating their ranking until late in the afternoon, and they didn’t hit the peak numbers until the middle of the night when most of North America was asleep rather than surfing Amazon. If they’d updated normally I know from experience we could have probably moved a couple hundred more copies. Success breeds success, and when people see that they are part of something winning, they’re more likely to spread the word. The higher they get on the rankings, the more new eyes the works get in front of, the more sales are made, repeat until you are J.K. Rowling. Theoretically. 🙂

Despite those obstacles, a bold coalition of Sad Puppies supporters and courageous manatees were able to do the following:

One Bright Star to Guide Them went from #89,731 to #421 on all of Amazon, and #4 in its extremely competitive genre losing only to Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, and Joe Abercrombie.

Big Boys Don’t Cry  went from #52,018 to #483 overall, and #1 in multiple genres.

And Arlan Andrews, keeping in mind that this isn’t even our nominated work because that one wasn’t available on Amazon BUT he will email a FREE copy of the suggested work to any Sad Puppies voter who contacts him at  but rather this was just a link I threw up to make sure authors GET PAID.

Other Heads went from #403,337 to #1,003, and #1 of all science fiction anthologies.

Damn straight.

I got the actual numbers from Kratman and Wright. I don’t have Arlan’s. Between those two the actual number of copies sold would be equal to about 20 good book signing events. (or what I’d consider at this stage of my career to be a good book signing, so probably 50 or 60 book book signing events worth of sales when I was starting out).

For novellas. Not books. Novellas.

The reason I’m accentuating this is because last week I was accused of trying to get you Sad Puppies volunteers to nominate without reading the actual works:

On the contrary, with yesterday’s Book Bomb not only did we make it so more people would actually read the suggested works, the Sad Puppies suggestions will now be the most widely read things in that category. By far.

And we’re working on short stories and novelettes next.

Now, all of that is fine and dandy, and Brad really is sincerely trying to make the Hugo nominations represent all of fandom and not just one tiny, insular, politically motivated clique, but as a devout evangelical capitalist I’m all about authors Getting Paid.

Ask most Hugo nominees what their nomination was worth in terms of extra sales or increased fan base, and the honest answers usually range from “meh” to “a little… maybe?” That wasn’t always the case. Back in ye olde tymes it was a prestigious career boost, and the reason most authors give a damn about such prestigious career boosts is because it means our royalty checks get bigger. However, the preponderance of preachy award winning suck in recent decades has made getting awards a sort of disclaimer for the general consumer audience (i.e. all those nice people who pay our bills).

Accountant hat on. That’s bad.

Unlike the Social Justice Warrior contingent—who are all about telling creators what they can’t do, or what they can’t say, or which vocabulary words of the day are off limits, or how you’re doing it wrong, or other assorted forms of pushy, bossy, bullshit—I actually want authors to succeed and make a living writing what they want to write. I don’t want anybody walking on eggshells, afraid of causing outrage, and getting slandered as something-ist or something-phobic, because they crossed some invisible line.

The reason I can get away with pissing off these bullies is I GET PAID. I have enough fans that when they libel me in the Guardian or call me a wife beating rape apologist on Twitter, the lost sales don’t make a noticeable dent. The reason Neil Gaiman doesn’t give a shit about the screeching harpy brigade angry at him for calling his latest book Trigger Warnings is because Sir Neil GETS PAID.  Hell, I probably only make what Neil Gaiman’s butler makes, but that’s still enough to insulate me from the SJW’s wrath.

One nice thing about being seen as the counter-culture “fun” side of this little battle (because SJWs have their fun surgically removed to avoid causing microaggressions) is that us plugging an author doesn’t cause the mass market to think to themselves, “Award winning? Oh, no… Not more dying polar bears and thinly veiled Dick Cheneys globally warming a bold post-binary gender world!”

The thing about SJWs? They are super loud, but there really aren’t that many of them, and as far as I can tell they don’t actually read very many books.

So, growing other authors’ fan bases? Getting authors from The Slatening in front of more readers? It wasn’t an original goal of Sad Puppies, but it is certainly a wonderful side effect.

So, next week, let’s bomb some more slate!


The numbers are still rising. Like I said, you get high enough on there, and you get even more new eyes on you.
One Bright Star to Guide them is now at #383.

Big Boys Don’t cry is at #430

Other Heads is at #883.

EDIT: They’re still climbing.Other Heads peaked at #883 and is currently at #893, but One Bright Star to Guide them is at #359, and Big Boys Don’t Cry is at #411.

How many novellas did we move? It is not my place to give out other author’s sales numbers, but to put this in perspective, the total number of nominating ballots for all the finalists in the Novella category of the Hugos in 2014 was 857.  For just these three in 24 hours, we’ve more than doubled that.

So now that I’ve established Sad Puppies does want voters to read books, and my side actually buys books, I wonder what crazy shit they’re going to make up about us next? 🙂

BOOK BOMB! Novellas from the Sad Puppies Slate!

Today we are Book Bombing the three suggested novellas from the Sad Puppies slate. These are novellas that the Evil Legion of Evil thinks are great, and should be considered for fancy awards. No gimmicks, no BS, just awesome stuff.

How a Book Bomb works is that we try to get as many people to buy them off of Amazon in the same day. Because they have a rolling average best seller list that updates hourly, this causes the book to move up the list. The higher it gets, the more people outside the Book Bomb see it, and check it out too. Success breeds success, and best of all, the author GETS PAID.

And all authors should have GET PAID on their mission statement.

Throughout the day I’ll update the sales rankings. This is Very Special Book Bomb because someone accused me and Brad of trying to get people to vote without reading the works. On the contrary, that misses the point. These are good, so we want you to read them, and if you don’t read them, how does the author GET PAID?

First up, John C. Wright, who I think is one of the greatest wordsmiths alive. The man is brilliant.

One Bright Star to Guide Them [Kindle Edition]
by John C Wright


Our next recommendation is Tom Kratman, who makes me look like a big softie. He’s also a bad ass writer, and I think this is one of the best things he’s ever done.

Big Boys Don’t Cry[Kindle Edition]
by Tom Kratman

On our  third Sad Puppies novella nominee we ran into an issue. Our nominated story by Arlan Andrews was originally published in a magazine that we couldn’t sell on Amazon. Brad contacted the author, and he was kind enough to say that he would be willing to email a free copy to anybody who asked him for it.

If you would like a free copy of the Sad Puppies recommended story, send a message to and he will give it to you.

However nice that is of him, that does not make the author GET PAID, so here is something that he does have available for sale on Amazon that you can try out in addition to the free one.

Other Heads and Other Tales[Kindle Edition]
by Arlan Andrews Sr

Right now the stories are at the following ranks:

One Bright Star to Guide Them: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #89,731 Paid in Kindle Store
Big Boys Don’t Cry: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #52,018 Paid in Kindle Store
Flow: No idea, it is free. Go get it.
And the non-Sad Puppies, but author should get paid entry:
Other Heads: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #403,337 Paid in Kindle Store

EDIT: to add, I forgot to say, please tell your friends. Repost, reblog, tweet, whatever it is you are into. The key to Book Bombs is spreading the word. Thank you. 🙂

EDIT 2: Well, apparently Amazon changed its methods, so after a whole day of the rank not moving at all, late last night (after everybody quit looking at bestseller lists) they finally started updating, so, thanks a lot Amazon. If you’d left it normal I could have sold a couple hundred more books for you.

But after that, long after everybody in the US had gone to sleep, Amazon FINALLY started updating the day’s sales. And this Book Bomb was a massive success

For Wright

For Kratman

And for Andrews, keeping in mind this isn’t even the work we’re pushing for the Hugo nom

Again, if you are a Sad Puppy voter and you’d like to check out Flow, email Arlan at that address above and he’ll give you a copy to read so you can nominate intelligently.

So, top 500 on ALL of Amazon, for works of SHORT FICTION (which don’t sell nearly as well as books), plus #1 in their genres (except for John, who is up against the cultural institution of Harry Potter!), and I heard the actual stats from Tom and John’s publisher last night, and damn, we moved a shit ton of books. 😀  No. Seriously. Between the two of them it was like 20 really good book signings, or probably 40 average book signings.

This is going to get its own blog post when I have a chance, but I want you to think of something for a moment. I was accused of trying to get the Sad Puppies volunteers to vote stupidly, without reading the works, because I never explicitly came out and specifically said READ BEFORE NOM, (and the reason I didn’t say that was because it was so blatantly obvious and we were making fun of the SJWs for doing just that so I didn’t think I needed to).

But now, with yesterday’s Book Bomb, we not only encouraged you to read our slate, but we made it so that these novellas are now the most widely read items in that category, by far.  Suck on that, SJWs.

And more importantly, the authors GET PAID.

EDIT 3: Because it keeps going up, so why not? I told you guys, once you get them up there high enough, they’re seen by new eyes who weren’t part of the Book Bomb to begin with.

One Bright Star to Guide Them

Big Boys Don’t Cry

Other Heads

EDIT AGAIN: What? Still going up? UNPOSSIBLE!  Other Heads  dropped 10 whole spaces, so I’ll just leave the above cut and paste for that one’s high mark, but let’s be honest now I’m just documenting these out of spite. 🙂

One Bright Star to Guide Them

Big Boys Don’t Cry

Kickstarter News! And you can murder me, Mike Williamson, or Howard Tayler!

That’s (metaphorically) murder me. Better clarify. Though depending on the target audience, I’m betting he could raise a whole lot of money with that pledge level!

Redshirts is one of those awesome card games where you get together with your friends and try to screw each other over. Your goal is to kill all your crew, because that’s how starship captains know they had the best adventure.

Redshirts the Game is not in any way related to a TV and movie series which sues people for IP violations, and the game is not related to some novel of the same name which won a bunch of awards.

You are probably familiar with the creator of this game. That is Skippy of the infamous Skippy’s List. (as in, the great big list of all the things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the US Military).  I met him a couple of years ago at GenCon, great guy, great game, and I’m glad to plug him.

This is an expansion, which means you’ll need the original game to play. But luckily he’s got a pledge level that hooks you up with that too.

I am one of the red shirt crew members. So if you like me, check it out. If you don’t like me, even better. Send me to wrestle with a tar monster or punch out a lizard man!

Next BOOK BOMB this Wednesday – Awesome Novellas from the Sad Puppies Slate

Mark your calenders, our next Book Bomb will be this Wednesday.

My goal is to get the stuff on our Sad Puppies suggestion list out there in front of as many people as possible. If you’re unfamiliar with my Book Bombs, that’s where we get as many people as possible to buy a book on Amazon in the same day. Since their bestseller lists update hourly, through the day the book will move higher and higher. Success breeds success, and the higher it gets, more new people see it and check it out.

Only two of our three suggestions are available on Amazon (the last was in a magazine), but the author has said that he would give a free copy to anyone who emailed him, which is pretty darned cool. So I’ll post that info as well.Then I’ll post one of his things that is on Amazon, that way he can GET PAID. 🙂

Moving Spark

Quick post. I’m at LTUE. Yesterday I talked to an editor I know who has run into a sticky situation. He has a bunch of his anthologies at Amazon and was just told that he is going to be charged a pretty hefty storage fee for whatever he doesn’t move by Saturday. So he marked them down a bunch and was telling everybody at the con.

It is 400 something pages, but more importantly it has a Brad Torgersen story in it! Some new author named Kevin Anderson wrote the intro. I know some of these folks and they are good guys.

“Here’s the important step: click the link that says “23 new from $xxx” for each volume, and choose the non-profit Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation from the list of sellers. That will get you a brand-new copy from our first print run and it will help me out immensely by pulling from my inventory.”

if I recall correctly that is a non profit for helping out writers but don’t quote me on that.