Writing Updates, what I’ve done, what I’m working on next

You might have noticed that the blog has been a little weird over the last few days, but that’s because we were moving to a new server. I’ve got some cool stuff I want to start doing on here, but we couldn’t do it on the basic WordPress program.

What I’m working on now: 

Last week I wrote two short stories. One about Practical Shooting for Galactic Games (I get to be in an anthology with George Martin and Robert Silverberg?) and a Hammer’s Slammers story for a David Drake anthology (I started reading Hammers Slammers in 1985, so I really nerded out on this one). If you follow me on FB or Twitter then you know the three weeks before that I was doing crazy word counts every day, but that was so that I could get the sequel to Into the Storm out the door for Privateer Press.

Yesterday I did tax stuff. Yay.

Today I am working on a fantasy short story for the upcoming Champions of Aetaltis anthology.

Tomorrow, I am working on the next book after Dead Six and Swords of Exodus with Mike Kupari. (and by work, I mean painting minis while listening to 40 hours of audio books to get myself immersed back into the world, because I have the best job ever). Mike is doing the final edits on his solo space opera that is coming out later this year. I believe the space opera is going to be called Her Brother’s Keeper, but I’m not sure that’s the final title or not, but anyways, it is awesome. Toni loved it.

After the last D6 book is done, then I’ll be concentrating on the next two Monster Hunter novels. I’m doing something a little bit different for those, and I can’t talk too much about them yet, but the plan is to release them within a few months of each other. There are still more books in the series after that.

Sons of the Black Sword will be coming out in October. I’ll be doing another month long book tour for that. There are currently two more planned for that series.I am really excited for you guys to read this. I don’t know the eARC date yet, but as soon as I do I’ll let you know.

I got my Larry Emore cover for Sons, and holy moly, it is cool.

I have plans for another Grimnoir trilogy set in the 1950s, as well as two stand alone novels set in the same universe. Tokyo Raider and Murder on the Orient Elite both gave peeks into what I’ve planned for those.

After that I’ve still got a bunch more books under contract to Baen, but they are further down the line after the stuff that pays all my bills. I’ve got a bunch more books planned.

In related to writing news, I’m going to be teaching a creative writing class at Weber State in May. It will be taught at the Layton campus, but it will also be streamed on the internet. More details to come later. I believe registration starts in a couple of weeks. I’ll post more about the class soon.

What I’ve done in total:

I posted this on Facebook the other day. Curious, I added it up. Since 2008 I’ve written 13 novels:

Monster Hunter International
Monster Hunter Vendetta
Monster Hunter Alpha
Monster Hunter Legion
Monster Hunter Nemesis
Hard Magic
Dead Six – with Mike Kupari
Swords of Exodus – with Mike Kupari
Sons of the Black Sword
Into the Storm
Into the Storm 2 (haven’t finalized title)

I’ve also written and sold 23 works of shorter fiction, though I’m suspicious I’m forgetting something on there.

The Losing Side (a Hammers Slammers story for a David Drake anthology forthcoming)
Shooter Ready (Galactic Games forthcoming)
Absence of Light (V Wars 3)
Hold Back the Dark (Privateer Press)
Force Multiplier (V Wars 2)
Father’s Day (Shared Nightmares)
Tokyo Raider (Baen Big Book of Monsters)
Murder on the Orient Elite (Audible)
Detroit Christmas (Baen)
The Worthy (Privateer Press)
Great Sea Beast (Kaiju Rising)
Step Outside (Privateer Press)
Murder in the Honor Fields (Privateer Press)
Dead Waits Dreaming (Space Eldritch 2)
Destiny of a Bullet (Privateer Press)
The Keeper of Names (Shattered Shields)
Instruments of War (Privateer Press)
Sealed with Fire (Crimson Pact)
Son of Fire, Son of Thunder (Crimson Pact)
That Which We Fear (Crimson Pact)
Sweothi City (Baen)
Tanya Princess of the Elves (Baen)
Christmas Noun (Wordfire Press)

There is also the MHI RPG from Hero Games that has several short pieces of MHI fiction that I wrote

At Your Service
Maxim-um Fun
Reckoning Day (love that one, Shelly the Orc will return in another book)
Lawyer Fight

There there is the stuff that I just wrote for fun and stuck on the blog. (though as you can see above, I did end up getting paid for a Christmas Noun)

The Christmas Noun
Christmas Noun 2 The Nounening
Christmas Noun 3D The Gritty Reboot
Christmas Noun 4 Occupy Christmas Noun
Christmas Noun 5 Fifty Shades of Noun Choose Your Own Adventure Edition
Christmas Noun 6 Yes Wendell There Really is a Christmas Noun
Christmas Noun 7 Attack of the Social Justice Noun
The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimenstional Insurance Agent
TAoTS: Arbitration at Mordor Station
TAoTS: Live From KhanQuonCon

Then I wrote all the game fic for Writer Nerd Game Night. My share of those came out to a small novel, but of them there were a few pieces that I was as proud of them as anything I’ve ever written in my life, like:
The Toy Maker’s Craft
Tenets of Bushido
In the Shadow of a Pale Oak
Lessons from the Dojo of the Crab.

And a thousand blog posts.

That’s a lot of words. I’m tempted to add up the actual word counts, but I know that down that path waits only madness.

Final Reminder for Sad Puppies, Hugo Noms are due today!

If you bought a membership, today is the cut off to get your nominations in. You should have your ID and PIN from Sasquan.

Here is our suggested slate.


Sad Puppies 3: Nomination DEADLINE and an audio interview with me and Brad.

First and most importantly, if you bought your membership, don’t forget to nominate. We are at the deadline.

Again, here is our suggested slate of nominees. We’ve Book Bombed everything on there. Now go forth and do whatever you want. 🙂


And here is an interview with me and Brad Torgersen, where we talked about Sad Puppies.


And interesting little thing to think about, over the last few years of me messing with the system, I think this is the only time I was actually interviewed about the subject and questioned, as opposed to people just guessing or making stuff up. For that reason alone, bravo, Adventures In SciFi Publishing. Well done.

Reminder, Kickstarters with me in them!

I’m a guest in two different projects right now that are being Kickstarted.





Sad Puppies BOOK BOMB! Best Related Work and Campbell Award for Best New Writer


This is our last Sad Puppies 3 Book Bomb. Remember, you’ve only got a few more days to get your nominations in for the Hugo awards.

If you are just joining us, a Book Bomb is where we get as many people as possible to get a book on Amazon on the same day, in order to spike the sales rating as high as possible, so that it will end up on some bestseller lists and show up in front of all new readers who wouldn’t normally see it.  Success breeds success, and the author gets new fans.

The Sad Puppies bombs are special because these are the works in the different categories that the Evil Legion of Evil has put forth as suggestions for our Hugo nomination slate. The last two we did went amazing.

Note, not all of these are available on Amazon. If that is the case then we put a link to where you can get it, or something else, so that the author can GET PAID. 🙂

**Best Related Work** 

This is one of those weird little catch all categories that is often dominated by some really cliquish nonsense. We’ve got some big brain essays, hard science, philosophy, military strategy, and of course Mad Mike.


The Hot Equations: Thermodynamics and Military SF
[Kindle Edition]
by Ken Burnside


Wisdom From My Internet
[Kindle Edition]
by Michael Z. Williamson





Why Science is Never Settled
Part 1, Part 2
by Tedd Roberts (BAEN)

**The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer**
The Campbell isn’t actually a Hugo, but is nominated and voted on at the same time, and the award is given at the same time, so it is pretty much the Hugo for best new author. This is the one that I came in dead last for, which was lucky because we were warned if I had won it would have ended literature forever.

Kary English


Eric S Raymond


Jason Cordova

Edit: I accidentally put up the wrong book for Jason Cordova at first. The publisher actually put this one on sale for today’s Book Bomb.

Remember, Amazon has changed how they calculate the sales rank. There is a long delay now. We won’t see any ranking movement until this evening, and hit the highs during the night or tomorrow morning. That has turned out okay because it just gives the authors more attention later. I’ll put the initial rankings up here in a minute.
Transhuman and Subhuman: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #174,347 Paid in Kindle Store
Riding the Red Horse: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #43,475 Paid in Kindle Store
Wisdom from My Internet: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #43,295 Paid in Kindle Store
Letters from Gardner: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,066,078 in Books
Flight of the Kikayon: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,432,174 Paid in Kindle Store
Kaiju Apoclypse: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #315,080 in Books
EDIT: It is now tomorrow. Let’s see how we did:
Transhuman and Subhuman:

Riding the Red Horse:

Wisdom from my Internet

Letters from Gardner

Flighty of the Kikayon

Kaiju Apocalypse

Good work. 🙂

That’s it. No more Book Bombs. I know you guys are tired.

Remember that there are only a few days left to get your nominations in!

Sad Puppies short story update, free Championship B’tok and Tuesdays with Molakesh eligibility

Apparently Edward’s publisher was so happy about the results of the Book Bomb last week that they put together a FREE Kindle version of the story that was actually nominated. Check it out.

Championship B’tok

[Kindle Edition]

by Edward M. Lerner


And we had some question about whether Megan Grey’s Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer would be eligible or not.  She cant’ get a straight answer, but it looks like it won’t be eligible until next year.

Hi all! Thanks so much to Larry and Brad for picking my Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer story for the Sad Puppies slate and for sharing the link again here, and thanks to all of you that are checking it out! I just heard from my editor that Molakesh had a huge spike in views, which is pretty amazing. The Hugo Committee wasn’t able to tell me specifically whether it will be eligible this year or next (they have a policy against commenting on specific eligibility), but based on the wording in the rules that an earlier commenter mentioned, my guess is that it will actually be eligible next year. But regardless of all that, I am just so honored that so many of you are enjoying the story. Thanks again!

Mark Your Calenders, Wednesday BOOK BOMB for Sad Puppies Campbell nominees

Our last Sad Puppies 3 Book Bomb will be this Wednesday. This time we’ll be taking a look at the Campbell nominees for best new writer and the best related works.

Mad Mike’s Trigger Warning Shirts, MHI approved

Mad Mike is performing a community service by providing valuable trigger warnings.  http://www.sharppointythings.com/tshirts-Trigger%20Warning.html

Because Mike did these as a result of my provoking people over trigger warnings, with a lack of trigger warnings, by posting pictures of actual triggers, he even used my favorite gun in the whole wide world. (inside joke for those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a LONG time).

Book Bomb Results, More Free Stories, and Sad Puppies Slate Update

Yesterday’s Book Bomb went much better than expected. You’ve got to understand, I’ve got a few set rules for running BBs that I’ve learned over time. Don’t do them too often. I try to never do more than one a month. Stick with plugging one book, don’t spread it out too much because it is all about putting momentum behind one object. Stick with books, because shorter works are really difficult to move up the charts.

Despite violating all of those things at once, and pushing a bunch of different short fiction things a week after we just did novellas, it still went surprisingly well. The only Amazon available item we didn’t get onto a bestseller list wasn’t even on the Sad Puppies suggestion list, and we still moved it up 1.5 million spots on Amazon. Everything else ended up somewhere on their respective lists, but most importantly the authors were exposed to new readers and Got Paid.

I posted the results in the BB thread. I’ve got to say, good work guys. Next week we’re going to do the same thing for the Campbell nominees for best new writer (the one I’m excited for is giant monster books, because I am a kaiju loving nerd) and Best Related Works.


One of the short stories yesterday was available for free, and I know that was popular. However, because it was released right at the end of the year, and the copyright date wasn’t until the beginning of January so we’re trying to figure out if Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer is actually eligible this year or not. I’ll let you know before the end of the voting deadline so you don’t waste any of your slots.


But since you guys like free short stories, in addition to the Sad Puppies slate there is the even More Eviler RABID PUPPIES SLATE, prepared by Lord Voxemort the Malevolent. There are a couple of short stories on there I’d encourage you to take a look at, and here they are, FREE for your convenience:

The Parliament of Beasts and Birds by John C. Wright. http://voxday.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-parliament-of-beasts-and-birds.html  Which I have read, and it is great… But this is John C. Wright we’re talking about, who I think is one of the best wordsmiths alive.

Turncoat by Steve Rzasa http://voxday.blogspot.com/2014/08/turncoat.html which I’ve not read yet, but I’ve heard that it is really good.

And they’re both free, so check them out and I hope you enjoy them.


And finally, last but not least, one of our Sad Puppies suggested nominees for best novel is Chuck Gannon’s Trial By Fire.

One of the things which has been said about Sad Puppies is that the authors we support don’t get awards, not because they fail to appease political cliques, but because we’re all just horrible, awful, terrible, shitty writers, and the mass consumer market that pays us large sums of money for our stuff are just stupid poopy heads.

But wait… Chuck Gannon’s Trial By Fire, which was already endorsed by Sad Puppies, has just been announced as a finalist for the Nebula Awards. So before they screech about Larry Correia’s evil ballot stuffing and crowd hypnosis, this is an award which can only be nominated by the ultra enlightened, cultural, always charming and never rude, immune to my nefarious mind control powers, members of SFWA.

Holy shit! Unpossible you say! Surely this is a fluke. Sad Puppies couldn’t possibly endorse something that some SFWA members would also think is good! This must be a fluke!  It has been declared that Sad Puppies only pushes trash and pulp!

But wait. There’s more!

Now, you’ve probably heard how Sad Puppies writers are all big, mean, ugly,, and stupid, and how Larry Correia is “anti-intellectual” Sure, I went to college and got an accounting degree instead of something important like gender studies, but I hang out with rocket scientists and brain doctors and I’m teaching a creative writing class for Weber State soon, but whatever, it’s narrative, I hate education. Run with it. I don’t like SJWs, and they declare that they’re super smart because… stuff and reasons… ergo, Larry Correia hates smart people.It is hard to fault that logic.

On the contrary, Sad Puppies is not anti-intellectual. We’re anti-boring. Though to be fair I can see how they’d come up with that theory, since there is a lot of crossover, but let’s take a look at NEBULA NOMINEE Chuck Gannon’s resume for a moment.

Oh, wait. That’s Professor Chuck Gannon to you,

Distinguished Professor of English and Director of Graduate Program in English (SBU, ret.); Fulbright Senior Specialist in American Literature & Culture (2004-2009).

Four Fulbright Fellowships, three accepted (England, Czech Republic, Scotland) one declined (Moldova)

Two Fulbright Travel Grants: Slovakia, Netherlands

Six International Senior Scholar Grants, US Embassy: UK (4), Czech Republic (2)

One International Scholar Grant, U.S. Consulate: 1 (Scotland), 2004.

University Fellow (at various levels): Palacky University (Czech Republic), University of Liverpool, Fordham University, Temple University, Syracuse University,

PhD and MA, Fordham University (honors)

MS, S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communication, Syracuse University (honors)

BA, Brown University (magna cum laude.)

Whew… Okay, now I know that isn’t a “Concentration” in The Collective Unconscious by any means, but to this poor country auditor, all them big words make Chuck sound like one of them smart folks. I had to ask Chuck what all that stuff meant, but he said it means he knows the book learnings pretty good.

Sadly, not a single one of his many degrees is in Gender Studies, but we’ll let that slide… For now.

So, the book isn’t trash, SFWA members said so, and he’s one of them educated types, so obviously Larry Correia must be suggesting this novel because of Gannon’s politics… Except, wait a second… Hold on. Nobody knows what Gannon’s politics are. He’s an intellectual and an academic who gets along great in that community, he’ll debate policy and positions, and he has no patience for churlish posers.

Beyond that, the dude gets a big fat question mark in the politics box.

Basically, everybody who talks to Chuck comes away saying what a reasonable, intelligent, articulate, moderate person he is.Don’t take my word for it. Go talk to him and decide for yourself.

Chuck’s good and deserves the recognition, but his problem is that he’s too busying being brilliant to spend sufficient time kissing any WorldCon voting clique’s ass enough to get himself a Hugo nom. He’s a brilliant author, but he’s not a darling of the In Crowd. Wait… This sounds like the exact sort of thing that makes puppies sad!

So why did the Evil Legion of Evil promote this guy’s book?

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe we’re telling the truth and YOU SHOULD READ THE BOOK BECAUSE IT IS GOOD.

BOOK BOMB! Short Stories from the Sad Puppies Slate!

It is time to spread more awareness about Puppy Related Sadness. The following are our suggested nominees for the short fiction categories, novelette and short story.

The way a Book Bomb normally works is that we pick one good book worthy of more attention, which is available on Amazon, and then we get as many people as possible to buy it in the same day in order to boost it up through the ratings. As the the rating climbs, it gets in front of more people, until it ends up on an Amazon bestseller list, where lots of people who aren’t involved in the Book Bomb see it. Success breeds success, the author gets lots of new readers, but more importantly, the author GETS PAID.

This Book Bomb is a little different. Because the ones I’m doing right now are to get more people exposed to the works we nominated for the infamous Sad Puppies slate, we’re bombing a bunch of works at the same time. I don’t like putting this many links, but time is of the essence, and next week I’ll post about the Campbell nominees and Best Related Works.

We did three novellas last week and it was a huge success. They’re still selling well a week later. Overall we sold a couple thousands novellas, which in novellas is freaking huge.

But shorter fiction is tough, because it isn’t always available for sale by itself, but is usually bundled as part of an anthology, or in a magazine which often isn’t available on Amazon.

As you can see from the list below, luckily many of these are available on Amazon, and some are available for FREE, and for the ones that you can only get in magazines the Evil Legion of Evil Blue Care Bear of Flamethrowering (i.e. Brad) contacted them and asked for a work of theirs which was available for us to plug. So those won’t be the nominated work from the current year, but if they sound cool, check them out, that way the author GETS PAID.

Best Novelette

“The Journeyman: In the Stone House”
by Michael F. Flynn
(Analog magazine, June 2014)

Mike doesn’t actually have this novelette available for sale, but he did recommend the following item:


“The Triple Sun: A Golden Age Tale”
by Rajnar Vajra
(Analog magazine, July/Aug 2014)

Rajnar came up blank. He literally has nothing original for sale. This is an unfortunate habit with some of the Analog authors who don’t publish much outside of Analog.

“Championship B’tok”
by Edward M. Lerner
(Analog magazine, Sept 2014)

The specific story is not for sale, but Ed says we can go with this one:


“Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium”
by Gray Rinehart
(Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show)

(Requires a subscription, which costs $15/yr)
Since Gray doesn’t have a novel or other fiction available online, you can support him by checking out his album at:


Best Short Story

“Goodnight Stars”
by Annie Bellet
(The Apocalypse Triptych)
“Tuesdays With Molakesh the Destroyer”
by Megan Grey
(Fireside Fiction)

Megan apologizes. She is so new she has nothing for sale, but the story is FREE at the following URL:

by Kary English
(Galaxy’s Edge magazine, July 2014)
“On A Spiritual Plain”
by Lou Antonelli
(Sci Phi Journal #2)

Appears in:

“A Single Samurai”
by Steve Diamond
(Baen Big Book of Monsters)

So there you go, a whole bunch of short fiction that the Evil Legion of Evil enjoyed and thought you guys might like. Sadly, because we’re not imbeciles, we didn’t check with each author to find out their race, sex, and sexual orientation to see if they’d be okay to read as part of the Social Justice Warrior Racist Reading Challenge. We’ll try to rectify that in the future… if we come down with a case of extreme brain damage.


Normally I try to list all the current starting sales rank numbers, and then update them through the day, but we discovered last time that Amazon has started using some massive, like eight hour delay on their hourly tracking system. We basically we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out how we did.

There are so darned many of these, that I’ll go ahead and post. Then come back and edit in the starting stats later. I’ve got a deadline, but I’ll do this because I love you guys. 🙂

EDIT: I forgot to add, please tell your friends! tweet, blog, facebook, graffiti, body art, interpretive dance, whatever works, but the more people who know, the higher the books get, the more attention the authors get.

Here are our opening stats:

Captive Dreams: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,809,985 in Book

Time Foreclosed: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #699,938 Paid in Kindle Store

The End is Now: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #23,949 Paid in Kindle Store

Totaled: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #298,088 Paid in Kindle Store

Sci Phi Journal: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #200,635 Paid in Kindle Store

Baen Big Book of Monsters: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #178,892 in Books

EDIT:  Let’s see what we did.

Captive Dreams: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #285,841 in Books.
The only one to not get on a bestseller list, but we moved it up 1,524,144 spots.

Time Foreclosed:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,470 Paid in Kindle

.The End is Now:


Sci Phi Journal:

Baen Big Book of Monsters:

That was an interesting Book Bomb. It was the first time I’ve ever Book Bombed this many items at once, they’re short fiction, we just did this last week, and Amazon isn’t updating the numbers until after most folks are in bed, so I wasn’t expecting to do what we normally do with a single novel, but despite that we still bumped everybody on here up at least a couple hundred thousand spots, and got nearly everyone somewhere onto a list. (Looking at it, again, the only one we didn’t get onto a list was one that isn’t actually on the Sad Puppies slate, but was one of the ones posted so the author could Get Paid). Smallest overall number shift was on the last one that most of my regulars already bought months ago (that’s the one that has my Tokyo Raider story in it).

Overall, an interesting experiment that worked better than I’d hoped. Next week, Campbell and Related Works.

Good work everybody.